A Boutique Wedding Planner - What does it mean?

When you are in the process of planning your wedding, it can be quite difficult to keep track of all the details and find the right service providers. A boutique wedding planner can help you simplify this process by planning and organizing your wedding while you sit back and relax.

A Boutique Wedding planner

Modern, intimate and luxury

The word "Boutique Wedding Planner" first came to my mind when I received a request for a wedding in Ibiza through Boutique Wedding Planners. I wondered what the specialties of a Boutique Wedding Planner were and what made it different from others. I knew the word "Boutique" until now only in combination with hotels.

So what is a boutique wedding planner?

A Boutique Wedding Planner is a wedding planner who specializes in planning intimate and luxurious weddings. The term "boutique" refers to the personal and individual attention that a Boutique Wedding Planner provides to their clients. Unlike a large wedding planning company, a Boutique Wedding Planner works with a limited number of clients to ensure that each client receives the full attention and care that he or she deserves.

Here you can find selected Boutique Wedding Planners:

+ Isla and Smith

Isla and Smith, based in UK, specialize in exclusive and intimate destination weddings. I absolutely love their style.

+ House of Luce

House of Luce from the Netherlands plans sylish weddings, mainly in Italy.

+ Mallorca Boutique Weddings

As the name suggests, Katja Redweik is a Boutique Wedding Planner in Mallorca and plans unique weddings on the Balearic island.

+ Italian Boutique Weddings

Based in Puglia, Santa and her team are planning your dream wedding throughout Italy.