Tips for better photos on the wedding day

Planning your wedding involves many things. In retrospect, some things might have been done differently if you had known about them earlier. As a wedding photographer, things immediately come to mind that would make your photos better if you had known about them sooner. So here are my most important tips for your wedding day, for better photos.

because of light

Better pictures on wedding day

For me personally, the most important thing of your couple photos is that they are unposed and natural.

The photographer's signature is always recognizable. I personally love it modern and like to give my couple photos an editorial touch.

This is best achieved with a photographer you feel comfortable with and whose professionalism you trust.

I recommend you to invest in a good photographer who has experience and whose picture style convinces you.

It is better to have a shorter wedding reportage with a good photographer than a long one with a cheaper one.

Furthermore, the right light plays an important role. If your wedding day is cloudy, you have more flexibility in terms of location and timing for your photos. The clouds work like a natural softbox and make an ideal soft light. For the location of the photos you can rely on the tips of your photographer.

If you have a sunny wedding day, I would set the time for your photos in the summer to after 6:00 pm. The evening light is perfect for beautiful pictures. If the sun is still too high, it can lead to harsh shadows and contrasts. I would definitely avoid taking your couple photos between 11:00 and 15:00. The sun is highest here and even if you don't notice it yourself, but you will notice in the photos how often you had to squint your eyes because the sun blinded you.

Depending on the place and time, it will take no more than 20 minutes until you have a nice selection of couple photos.


Better pictures during the wedding ceremony

Here too, the light plays a big role. If you are planning a civil or free wedding ceremony and you have the choice to position your seat for the ceremony itself, I recommend you to move it into the light. If you have a small tent over you to protect you from the sun, it is ideal to sit facing the light.

When you both sit half in the shade and half in the sun, it will be very tricky to take great pictures of you. Here it already helps to move the chair a few centimeters.

A good wedding photographer will notice this and point it out to you.

The background makes a difference

Photos during the

wedding reception

...if only someone had told me that earlier.

From the wedding photographer's point of view, many things are quite obvious because it's routine for him. From the couple's point of view, it goes without saying that you can't know these things. Therefore this blog post.

When positioning your seats, please pay attention to what is in your background. Is there a door, a wall for jackets, a fire extinguisher?

It's best to choose a seat with a neutral background that doesn't distract from the two of you.